Joyful Journey Ayurveda is the practice of Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Rachel Costello.

Joyful Journey Ayurveda is the practice of Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Rachel Costello.


Welcome, I'm Rachel.

A few years back I was struggling to find my most healthy self.  I had seemingly random symptoms that were unexplainable by modern medicine.  I really wanted to take care of myself, but I wasn’t sure the best way to do it.  I started reading books, going on “fad” diets, and gathering lots of information.  I became confused by the abundance of knowledge floating around and how conflicting it all seemed to be. 

My dear friend asked me if I had ever heard of Ayurveda.  She explained how it had a more personal approach for each individual’s needs.  I was intrigued.  I bought Dr. Lads book called The Complete Book of Ayurveda Home Remedies.  It made so much sense to me!  It changed my life and propelled me to search for a school where I could learn and share the deep wisdom that Ayurveda teaches. 

I found and attended Kanyakumari Ayurveda School.

I got pregnant while finishing my internship – amazing because I hadn’t had a cycle in 4 years!  I was, however, actively working on the deep healing I needed in order to start a family of my own.   With gentle cleansing, healing foods and herbs, meditations, and yoga for my womb, I was able to conceive my beautiful daughter.  Birthing my child was an amazing experience. I was able to experience a 100% natural water birth.  I had worked hard during my pregnancy to visualize my birth and did a lot of self-care. 

Utilizing the wisdom of Ayurveda, I had an empowering birth, was able to heal from childbirth smoothly and prevent postpartum anxiety and depression.  I followed a tailored plain suited to my individual needs during pregnancy and post partum.  I used food as medicine, self care techniques and safe, natural herbs.  

Ayurveda’s wisdom has helped me in so many ways.

I fell in love with my journey and am inspired and honored to help you do the same!


I received training and supervised internships at Kanyakumari Ayurveda School in Milwaukee, WI from 2014-2017 and actively expand my knowledge with continued training and education.



I maintain Ayurveda Practitioner certification through Kanyakumari Ayurveda School.  I am a member of National Ayurveda Medical Association (NAMA), and the Minnesota Ayurveda Association.



I offer a consultative practice in Minneapolis, MN at Adagio Health Services.