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Are you seeking a holistic way to treat physical, emotional or mental imbalances?

Ayurveda translates to "life knowledge". It is a whole body approach to healing uniquely tailored to you.  


Rachel is a treasure. I was struggling with so many things and she helped me to pause, breathe and evaluate with a gentle approach. I feel so much more whole now. Many of the things I was experiencing (spaciness, anxiety, skin issues) have improved significantly. Working with Rachel has truly been life-changing.
— Emily B.
I thought I already knew a lot about natural and healthy living, but I have learned so much from Rachel! I really feel like I know how to listen to my body now. I know what foods to avoid in general, what foods to eat for my dosha and for each season. I’m so happy to say that I feel amazing day-to-day, and my digestive and skin issues are in a far better place than they’ve ever been in my life.
— Karen S.

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