What to expect:

Recommendations and topics of discussion vary by client and typically include some of the below topics. Whatever is covered, you will leave knowing you have been heard and with tools to jumpstart your healing.

  • food as medicine for your unique body
  • herbal formulations based on your current needs
  • meditations and mantras
  • mudras or yoga recommendations
  • personalized self care
  • lifestyle adjustments to support your unique body/mind
  • aromatherapy suggestions

Each unique recommendation is given to you specific to your current needs and should feel comfortable for you to start right away.  If not, we will simply try something else that feels right. 

Initial Intake Visit

2 hours

During this two hour initial evaluation, Rachel will be gathering your health concerns, goals, and history.  She will perform a tongue and pulse analysis. From there she will give you a few food and lifestyle or herbal recommendations based on where you are at today.  She will then go home, and spend a few hours making your detailed health plan based on the information gathered.

Report of Findings 

1 hour

Ideally this appointment is 2-3 week after the Initial Intake Visit. Rachel will ask how well the recommendations from the initial session were implemented, providing support if needed, and will answer any questions that came up.   She will then go over your unique constitution, your unique current condition and what elements are at play here. She will go over your detailed plan, offering additional food, herbal and self-care recommendations.  She will explain how often she would like to see you based on your current level of healing. Tongue and pulse evaluation as well as current symptoms and health goals are always discussed.

Follow Up Appointments

1 hour

At each follow up visit Rachel will continue to evaluate your current conditions and health goals.  She will listen to your pulse and perform tongue analysis. She will alter recommendations as needed and add recommendations based on your healing and current needs. 

Body Therapies

Coming soon!


Coming soon!